Distributorship Program for Machine Vision& CCTV lenses

A. New Distributor Application Form
We recommend you read all the details and supporting information in this section before completing the application. At the end of the section, click on the hyper text to initiate the automatic email version of the application. The following details are required as part of the application process:
A1. Your detailed contact information
·Your name and title
·Company name
·Mailing address
·Tax ID number
·Email address
·Website address
A2. A brief description of your company, how many years in the distribution business, and types of products you currently distribute.
A3. Provide a listing of markets, geographical areas and types of customers you currently sell.

NOTE: We do not assign exclusive geographies or territories. We assign distributor exclusivity based on specific end-use customers, regardless of the end-use customer's location.
A4. How does your company go to market (internet, personal selling face-to-face, phones sales, retail outlet, etc)?
A5. What are your projected purchase levels by year for the next 3 years for machine vision &CCTV lenses?
Note: Your purchases in the first year should be a minimum of $10000 with additional growth in subsequent years.
We initially invoice new distributors at the published internet prices. Then AFTER your company has achieved the minimum annual purchase requirement, we will rebate your company the agreed upon distributor discount on all purchases retroactive to the approval date as established by AZURE.
A6. Who are your targeted customers? (optional)
Note: If you declare your targeted customers, we will assist you wherever possible to convert and maintain the account. Also, we provide continued cooperation on pricing and marketing assistance to help you stay competitive.
Some agents and distributors are uncomfortable in disclosing their target accounts to us. However, it is possible your end-use customer will find us via the internet, a referral, or another distributor. So, if you decide to NOT disclose the names of your end-use customers, AZURE cannot and will not protect your financial interest in the customer UNLESS we know (in advance) the role and value you provided in converting and maintaining the end-use customer.
AZURE has no incentive in taking your accounts direct. We want to partner with key distributors who are service and growth-oriented so we can mutually grow our businesses with NEW end-use customers.
We expect distributors to help us find NEW business. We reserve the right to cancel your distributor pricing and/or status if the targeted end-use customer is an EXISTING AZURE's customer.
Application Form
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B. Existing Disitributors Annual Update
Cut and Paste the contents of this section into an email. You must respond to all items.
Send the email to: marketing@azurephotonics.com
AZURE re-evaluates our existing distributor relationships annually. If you are an existing distributor, you must provide this information annually to maintain your re-seller pricing levels:
B1. What is the $/year level of purchases for the last 3 years?
B2. What are your projections to grow the business for AZURE's products next year?
NOTE: If you failed to meet last year's minimum purchase goal, we will begin to invoice you at the published internet prices. Then AFTER your company has achieved the minimum annual purchase requirement for this year, we will rebate your company the agreed upon distributor discount retroactive to the beginning of the year.
B3. What actions is your company taking to promote AZURE's products?

B4. What can AZURE do to help you increase your sales of our products?

C. Approval Process
Distributor pricing is only granted by written approval from AZURE and is in effect for all purchases from the date of written approval. For new distributors, please allow 2 weeks for processing your request.

D. Contact information
attn: AZUREemail: marketing@azurephotonics.com tel: + 86-591-83850581fax: + 86-591-83850580

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